CPFP Calculator
Bitcoin's Child Pays For Parent (CPFP) is a fee bumping technique for a pending (unconfirmed) transaction: aka The Parent.
A second transaction (The Child) spends the output of the Parent(s), and pays for all Parent transaction fees so that both Parent(s) and Child are confirmed together, and sooner.
Child TX ID:
Desired Fee:  sat/vB
How To Use
  1. Generate a new Bitcoin address in your wallet.
  2. Make sure RBF (Replace By Fee) is ON. Send some or all of the unconfirmed balance (from the parent) to that address.
  3. Copy the new transaction ID (TX ID) and paste it in the 'Child TX ID' field.
  4. Enter the desired sats/vB amount. This can be determined by looking at the range of sat/vB in recently confirmed blocks.
  5. Click 'Calculate Fee' or press Enter.
  6. Perform RBF (Replace By Fee) with the calculated result highlighted as 'Child to Pay'.
Developer: DJ Booth ( Donate ) Source on Github Powered by Mempool.Space